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Over, Under, Forward, Backward
to Mar 30

Over, Under, Forward, Backward

Over, Under, Forward, Back features ten contemporary artists working in fibers, textiles, and related materials whose work embodies and reflects on labor, time, and history.

Whether working with yarn, thread, found fabric, recycled clothing, fishing line, or plastic netting, contemporary artists working in fibers, textiles, or related traditions utilize materials that are also ubiquitous in daily life. They circulate as commodities in the form of clothing and home goods, are handed down as family heirlooms, and are connected to cultural traditions that have often thrived outside the realm of fine art as it is conventionally defined.

Due to this ubiquity, which extends across a variety of cultures and historical time periods, fibers and textiles have an especially active symbolic life, embodying a trove of memories, histories, and cultural connections that impact the way artists and viewers alike experience and understand them. From the circulation of commercial textile and fabric goods, such as clothing, to diverse traditions of hand-making, often coded as women’s work, fibers-based media and techniques for manipulating them are tied to history, to economics, to community, and to family tradition. These connections have inspired and attracted the artists of Over, Under, Forward, Back, who embrace the techniques of the past, experiment with new means of production, utilize non-traditional materials, and mine their own personal and family histories for connections to their work.

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Hauntings at LabBodies: BBB Performance Art Review III: Freedom
to Nov 26

Hauntings at LabBodies: BBB Performance Art Review III: Freedom

BBB Performance Art Review III: Freedom

My latest Installation of Hauntings will be among the featured installation and performance works with Labbodies, BBB Performance Art Review III: Freedom. If you can make the opening evening, Nov. 10, by all means, do. I’m planning on trying to bring a contingent of folks the following week during NWSA, for the Friday, Nov. 17 8 PM performances and showing. Message me if you are interested in joining!

Labbodies is pleased to present this years BBB Performance Art Review at SpaceCamp from November 10 - November 30. Opening Reception, November 10, with live performances by Megan Livingston, Carrie Fucile, Park Hyun Gi, Neka Reeves, and Erick Antonio Benitez and Helina Metaferia, starting at 8:00PM.

LABBODIES Performance Art Review III is a space to reflect on different ideologies of Freedom, and what that reveals about our society. Over the last year, freedom and liberation have been called into question, leaving us to wonder who has Freedom and what does it look like in the 21st century.

Using art to call question to the price of freedom and what it looks like in the context of the past, present, and future this year Labbodies opened the Performance Art Review as a call and response to the current political climate. 

Accepted proposals from artists living around the DMV area will fill the gallery with site-specific installations, live performances, video projections and new media work to address topics related to freedom. Sexual freedom, physical freedom, psychological freedom, racial freedom, and economic freedom. Questing; how do the isms of our society interact with the state of being that is free? 

BBB Performance Art Review III will feature installations by Tanya Garcia, Najee Haynes-Follins Julia Kim-Smith, Sarah Stefana Smith, Helina Metafareria, Carrie Fucile, Park Hyun Gi, Neka Reeves and Erick Antonio Benitez. With second night of performances hosted on November 17, 8:00PM featuring Lynn Hunter, Olu Butterfly, and Nicoletta de la Brown. 

About Performance Art Review:
BBB Performance Art Review III is curated by Labbodies Dr. Hoesy Corona and Dr. Ada Pinkston as part of Borders, Boundaries, and Barricades, a two-week long performance art review highlighting the performance art community in Baltimore. This project is partially supported by the Grit Fund, a Regional Regranting Program administered by The Contemporary and funded by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

All performances are free and open to the public. For more information check out

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